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17 August 2015

Our Very Own Davia Walmsley is Elected President of British Glass

British Glass Has a New President

Daedalian’s Davia Walmsley is making history


Our very own creative director Davia Walmsley, was elected as President of the British Glass Manufacturers Confederation earlier this year. The British Glass Manufacturers Confederation is a key component in promoting glass as a first choice material and influencing a large industry to ensure that both the industry and the products it manufactures remain innovative and competitive. Davia is making history as she becomes the first female president of the British Glass Manufacturers Confederation in its 100 year history. With Daedalian Glass Studios, Davia regularly works in various locations in the UK but also on an international level.

The creative director at Daedalian Glass Studios travels abroad to cast her eye over new techniques and styles in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and America to bring inspiration home to Hambleton, Lancashire. Davia will be President for the next two years, where she will be able to raise the profile of the industry and stimulate innovation and further research in the glass industry. Davia will also be set to support BGMC’s Women in Manufacturing initiative. David Dalton, Chief Executive of British Glass said: “We are delighted that Davia will be our President for the forthcoming two years. With a wealth of experience working in the glass industry and a passion for inspiring the next generation to join the sector, she has much to offer as our President.”