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“We know our clients are busy. They want their glass projects delivered on time, as specified, and with no surprises – and to be delighted by our service and the quality of the glass. This is our aim and our project management stages feature multiple quality control checkpoints to ensure it is achieved.”

Joe Walmsley, Managing Director

Stages of Our Project Management


Project Stage 1: The Brief

Our clients range from interior designers and architects to procurement agents, contractors, property managers, artists, and private individuals. Similarly, the brief they present can vary from a rough idea to draw inspiration from, or a hand sketched design draft, to fully formed 3D project plans.

At this stage we will review a project enquiry. Our experts will then advise on whether a proposed project is technically feasible and identify any potential risks.

Project Stage 2: Consultation

Should the clients brief require further development, our team will provide a gratis consultation service.  This is limited to establishing the optimum glass working technique and design style to satisfy the clients technical requirements, budget, and design.

This service will establish the parameters of the project, allowing Daedalian Glass Studios to provide an accurate quotation for services.

Project Stage 3: Quotation

Once we establish design parameters, either through the original brief or via our consultation service, our estimations team create a bespoke quotation. This will detail the total cost.

The quotation will break down the total price and lead time required to carry out the works proposed. This ensures from an early stage that the works fall within the proposed project budgets and lead times. If these do not fall within the budget, we return to Project Stage 2.

Project Stage 4: Sampling

If a sample of the proposed glass finish is required before a client commits to an order, this is arranged next. Our vast sample library will likely contain a suitable sample to lend.

Should the client decide that an alternative finish is desired after viewing the sample then we return to Project Stage 2.

PLEASE NOTE: A bespoke sample may be chargeable; dependant on the glass and human labour required to create.

Project Stage 5: Order Confirmation

The sales team, project coordinator, and senior members of the studio team hold a project briefing upon receipt of an order confirmation. This is conducted to ensure that every member of the team fully understands the project requirements, any technical considerations, and the clients design expectations.

Our project coordinator then becomes the primary contact for clients and schedules Project Stages 6 – 11 using our specialist project management software.

Project Stage 6: Survey

Should the client require our team to install their glass, a pre-installation survey is carried out. The team ascertain the exact dimensions of the space, any site accessibility restrictions, and the environmental conditions into which we will install.

Our studio team can then manufacture to the exact specifications required, so the glass arrives prepared for the surveyed installation method. This is an important step as alterations on site cannot be made safely.

Project Stage 7: Bespoke Design

Our design team is lead by Daedalian Glass Studios Founder, Davia Walmsley who has over 40 years of glass working experience to draw from.

Throughout the design stage, our studio team will submit proof drawings for clients approval. These form the starting point for a unique project and allow the initial ideas to be reviewed and modified quickly and without a significant commitment of resources.

Project Stage 8: Control Sample

After the proof drawings have been agreed, we create two control samples. The first is sent to the client for final approval, ensuring all parties share a common vision of the finished article. The second sample is held in our studio and is used to constantly review the work in progress to ensure design continuity.

Should the client decide against the control sample, our design team return to Project Stage 6 and create new proof drawings.

Project Stage 9: Manufacturing

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this process may take weeks or even months. It is not uncommon for a single piece of glass to require tens if not hundreds of hours of work!

Our customers demand perfection and this is not something that can be rushed. One chip or incorrect dimension can rarely be remedied (regardless of what stage in the process the glass is at) and mean that the manufacturing must be restarted.

Project Stage 10: Delivery

A specially equipped fleet of delivery vans ensure that our glass is transported with the same care that it was afforded during its manufacture at our studios.

If sea or air freight is required, we work exclusively with reputable courier companies. Furthermore, our team constructs bespoke, hand-made crates for each project. This affords the glass extra protection as the crate is designed specifically to carry its contents.

Project Stage 11: Installation

We are experienced at coordinating all of our site movements with the necessary agents and hold the required certification to work on construction sites.

The installations team is managed by our Technical Director, Chris Walmsley. Chris holds 40 years’ experience in the glass installation and wider construction industry. He is the go-to man for any questions regarding glass handling and installation.

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