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Glass blowing is a wonder to watch and the team unit is so important for making well and making easier. It made me fall in love with glass. I combined glass blowing with sandblasting (etching) during my early career before electing to set up a studio myself.

My view, influenced by glass blowing teams, was and still remains that the team ethic is a great way to work. Our studio is not just about me. The exchange and sharing of ideas and experiences is all part of building a collective skill set. Finding the right name to reflect this took a little time… but then I read the definition of Daedalian (Formed with art; displaying artistic or inventive skills; intricate; varied). It seemed just right.

(Davia Walmsley, Founder and Creative Director)


The idea of the collective rather than the individual was present in the values of our studio from the very start, and our name stands as a testament to this. It is a value that applies to our business practices also and we have always tried to run our studios in a socially, environmentally, and sustainability conscious way.

In the past our Founder, Davia implemented these policies without thinking about it, it was just a part of being a responsible business owner, but we have now written down and formalised these activities.

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