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What we did

Jewellery Store Glass Features:
The staircase was designed to emulate a tree, the core being a tree trunk with circular stair treads as branches spreading out and around. Drawing inspiration from late 20th century Scandinavian design, the stair treads feature a leaf pattern and were created from toughened kiln formed glass. This was then laminated to provide the required structural integrity.

A curved balustrade was made from toughened and laminated glass. Between the laminated glass are multiple layers of hand frayed sheer fabric with pleats and gold wire positioned to control the transparency. Sandblasted glass dragonflies and butterflies were added and fused iridised glass dragonflies were bonded to the surface. This gave a tactile and three dimensional effect.

The main entrance door handles were created utilising coloured lead crystal cast to a leaf design. Two different sets were commissioned, representing the seasonal colours of autumn and summer, and were bonded to metal backing plates that can be fixed to the brass door frame and interchanged.

Daedalian Glass Studios also created facades for sales stations, glass handles for cupboards, the first floor balustrade around the stairwell, matching glass jewellery shelves and partitions, and a feature bar for champagne receptions.

The feature bar had a ‘fantasy’ theme, the bar top glass design imitating soft ripples on water with water lily leaves bonded to it. It also featured a 180-degree curved front, and was laminated with a hand crushed velvet fabric interlayer.

Removal & Reinstallation:
When Preston's moved to a new premises across the street, Daedalian were asked to remove and reinstall the various glass features in the store. Three of our installation team members travelled to Guilford to take charge of the move.

Project details

  • Project Manager: Tristan Evans (Optimum Two)