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What we did

Harrods is home to 330 departments which sells wide range of products such as menswear, womenswear, childrens, bridal, technology, and sporting gear. It has made itself a quintessential British retail experience with luxury services in almost every field you can imagine. The company's motto, engraved on the buildings pediment is "Omnia, Omnibus, Ubique" which means everything, for everyone, everywhere. Harrods was originally known for the store that had everything you could think of for sale.

Daedalian Glass Studios were commissioned to create bespoke glass bases and up-stands for Harrods Men's department, which needed to be designed to match the luxury aesthetic of shopping in the worlds best department store.

Gold and clear tesseract glass was used in this project, where air bubbles were temperature controlled in the glass to create line patterns running throughout the panels.

Project details