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8 October 2020

Biophilic Design: Glass Inspired By Nature

Biophilic design draws on nature and natural patterns as its inspiration to create a calm environment and can also reduce stress levels. From traditional flora and fauna, to feathers, trees and seashells; there are so many versatile ways to use nature within design. Here are some examples from us at Daedalian Glass Studios:

Office Building Westminster

One of our most interesting projects incorporating biophilic design was this privacy panel created for an office building in Westminster. The client was interested in East Asian (chinoiserie) art which was a very interesting and technically challenging design. Taking inspiration from pieces created in Shanxi during the Qing Dynasty which were decorated elaborately with traditional flora or fauna, Davia Walmsley then made this unmistakably her own. Many different samples were created with different fabric laminations to ensure the final piece was perfect. Davia frayed the ends of the fabric interlayers and arranged them in the foreground of the design which created depth and followed the contours of the landscape. Flora imagery was sandblasted on both the back and the front of the panel which created a multi-sided depth. Pleats were also ironed into the fabric where copper wire ran through the design. To finish, gold leaf was applied to specific areas of the flora design which completely brought the design to life.

Chinoiserie glass art panel
Chinoiserie glass art panel

Salisbury House, Lancashire

This project in a private residence features an etched silver birch tree pattern, utilising a multi-depth and multi-sided etching technique creating a 3D design. LED lights were integrated underneath the handrails which meant the light passed through the glass panel, highlighting the beautiful etching of this biophilic design.

Salisbury House - Silver birch tree -etched glass.
Salisbury House – Silver birch tree -etched glass.

Isla Gladstone Observatory, Stanley Park, Liverpool

At the Isla Gladstone Observatory, Daedalian Glass Studios created these decorative windows to reflect the setting of the conservatory which is located within a historic park. The brief was to incorporate designs by Isla Gladstone, the woman the structure is named after. Daedalian’s design included subtle roses on the surface of the glass using a multi-layered etching technique to create depth in the design.

Isla Gloadstone Observatory
Isla Gloadstone Observatory

Grassington National Park Centre, Yorkshire Dales National Park

For this project, Davia Walmsley of Daedalian spent four months consulting with local residents to understand the local history, landmarks, and myths and tales. This allowed her to really tell the story of the local residents creating a pictoral account of the area in the design. This fused glass dome was created in 6 pieces where inspiration was drawn from the native flora of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Grassington National Park Centre, Yorkshire Dales National Park - Fused glass.
Grassington National Park Centre, Yorkshire Dales National Park – Fused glass.

Bovey Castle, Dartmoor National Park, Devon

These laminated glass panels were inspired by the wind battered trees seen in Dartmoor National Park.The orange in the design gradually fades from light to dark adding dramatic effect to the interior. Low iron glass was used as this works incredibly well to allow the colour to show through the design.

Laminated digital film in glass at Bovey Castle
Laminated digital film in glass at Bovey Castle

If you are still seeking biophilic design inspiration, here are some more examples from our sample library (click here to view more):

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