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10 August 2020

Project Management Case Study: Royal Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Daedalian Glass Studios are in their 35th year of designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke decorative glass features. With a portfolio of thousands of projects completed, the studios have developed a tried and tested project management approach.

This project management approach is explained in detail on Our Service page. In this blog, we will apply the stages of our project management approach to a Royal Palace Project in Saudi Arabia and explain what activities Daedalian Glass Studios undertook during each stage.

Project Management Stage 1 – The Brief.

With clients ranging from interior designers and architects to contractors, procurement agents, artists, property managers and private individuals, the brief can be presented as anything from a hand sketched rough design, a rough idea to draw inspiration from, or a fully formed 3D CAD drawing. At this stage we review a project enquiry, our experts then advise on any potential risks and any changes required to make the project technically feasible.

For the Royal Palace project, Daedalian Glass Studios brief was to collaborate on the design, provide manufacturing and install (with the aid of a local team of contractors) a four meters tall and ten meters wide Majlis wall using decorative glass. The design was also required to allow for a sectional assembly – ‘dry test’ – of the Majlis Wall at our UK studios before being shipped to Saudi Arabia – and the practical challenge was set for no joints to be visible once the installation was complete.

Royal Palace Design
Royal Palace Design

Project Management Stage 2 – Consultation.

Daedalian’s process usually continues with a client consultation should the brief require further development. This limits to establish the optimum glass working technique and design to satisfy the clients budget, design, and technical requirements. This then allows Daedalian to provide an accurate quotation for services.

For this project, the original concept images for this project were originated by Egyptian Architectural Practice, Design and Build Architects.  Two half scale mock-up designs were presented to the client, the feedback from these was to create more layers and more ornate detailing to the design, leading the design team back to the drawing board.

Royal Palace Concept Image
Royal Palace Concept Image

Project Management Stage 3 – Quotation.

Daedalian establishes design parameters though either the original brief or our consultation service. The estimations team then create a bespoke quotation detailing the total cost and production lead time. This ensures from an early stage that the works fall within the proposed project budgets and lead times – if these aren’t achieved we return to further consultation/Stage 2.

Project Management Stage 4 – Sampling.

Daedalian moves onto producing a sample of the proposed glass finish requires before a client commits to an order. Daedalian has a vast sample library likely containing a sample to lend, or a bespoke sample can also be made.

During the next phase of design development for the Royal Palace, a variety of etched, clear and mirrored layers were added. The bonded glass detailing also served to seamlessly integrate each layer of the design. Greater design depth was then created, and subtle lighting was integrated into the design.


Project Management Stage 5 – Order Confirmation.

This is when the sales team, project coordinator, and senior members of the studio team hold a project briefing upon receipt of an order confirmation. This is conducted to ensure that every member of the team fully understands the project requirements, any technical considerations, and the clients design expectations. Our project coordinator then becomes the primary contact for clients and schedules Project Stages 6 – 11 using our specialist project management software.

Project Management Stage 6 – Survey.

If the client requires our team to install their glass, a pre-installation survey is carried out. The team ascertain the exact dimensions of the space, any site accessibility restrictions, and the environmental conditions into which we will install. Our studio team can then manufacture to the exact specifications required, so the glass arrives prepared for the surveyed installation method. This is an important step as alterations on site cannot be made safely.

Project Management Stage 7 – Bespoke Design.

Davia Walmsley, Daedalian’s Founder and Creative Director leads the design stage where the studio team submit proof drawings for clients approval. These form the starting point for a unique project and allow the initial ideas to be reviewed and modified quickly and without a significant commitment of resources.

A full scale mock up was created and approved for final sign-off for the Royal Palace in Saudi Arabia.


Project Management Stage 8 – Control Sample.

When the proof drawings have been approved where we create two control samples. The first is sent to the client for final approval, ensuring all parties share a common vision of the finished article. The second sample is held in our studio and is used to constantly review the work in progress to ensure design continuity.

Project Management Stage 9 – Manufacturing.

Manufacturing can take weeks or months depending on the size and complexity of the project. It’s not uncommon for a single piece of glass to take tens if not hundreds of thousands of hours of work!

The manufacture of the Royal Palace project included over 1200 individual glass pieces. Each piece of glass was water-jet cut to create precise shapes, slumped in the kiln and then sandblasted to create a decorative front face and finally silvered.

Royal Palace Majlis Wall
Royal Palace Majlis Wall

Project Management Stage 10 – Delivery.

Our clients are always given the option to have glass-works delivered. Daedalian have specially equipped delivery vans to ensure the glass is transported with care. We also work exclusively with reputable courier companies if freight by sea or air is required. Our team also constructs hand made bespoke crates for each project ensuring the glass has extra protection designed specifically to carry its contents.

The glass sections and all materials required for the installation were safely packed and freighted to Saudi Arabia ahead of the Daedalian team.

Project Management Stage 11 – Installation.

Installation is managed by our Technical Director, Chris Walmsley who has over 40 years of experience in the glass installation and wider construction industry. Daedalian is very experienced at coordinating site movements and holds the require certifications to work on construction sites.

A team of three from Daedalian Glass Studios was supplemented by a team of local contractors (supplied by Gallery Design) to install the Majlis Wall at the Royal Palace.


Royal Palace Majlis Wall
Royal Palace Majlis Wall



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