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17 October 2018

Daedalian Glass Studios showroom concession at SECRETCAPE London.

SECRETCAPE  is a name on the lips when discussing London’s premier interior design houses. Their international portfolio of projects includes super-prime real estate, yachts, and private jets. Daedalian Glass Studios have collaborated on a number of their completed and ongoing projects, including their highly lauded Chesham Place Project.

“It isn’t just about putting on some paint and getting in furniture, what our clients want is extremely high-end detail that never crosses the minds of you and I.”

(Mathilde Allibe, Founder and CEO, SECRETCAPE)


“They (our clients) want their glass projects delivered on time, as specified, and with no surprises – and to be delighted by our service and the quality of the glass.”

(Joe Walmsley, Managing Director, Daedalian Glass Studios)

Showroom Concession

Daedalian Glass Studios has paired with SECRETCAPE to display a selection of our unique luxury glass designs within their London Headquarters.

The glass within this niche was hand-picked by our Founder and Creative Director, Davia Walmsley. This glass embodies the shared design ethos of Deadalian Glass Studios and SECRETCAPE. The samples demonstrate both the versatility of our studio in glass working, and also the intricate detailing within glass designs that can be created by our glass studio team.

Glass Production

A selection of behind-the-scenes images of these
glass samples under production in our studios:

SECRETCAPE London Headquarters

The SECRETCAPE London Headquarters
are located at the following address:
60 Brook Street
United Kingdom