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What we did

The panels are 12mm toughened float glass with life-sized jockeys and horse designs sandblasted onto them. To maximise the visual aesthetic, the 3D design was split in multiple layers that were then sandblasted into the glass on both sides and to differing depths. This technique created a multi-tonal, 3D effect.

Before creating the design, Daedalian Glass Studios organised for racehorses to be photographed while running to ensure the work captured the realistic movements of the animals. The wall was also designed in such a way as to allow it to be folded up and stored in a wall cavity - maximising the versatility of the space.

You can see the technique used to create the panels in this short video:

Client feedback

“An excellent company and personnel to work in conjunction with, which enabled a potentially difficult contract (to) run smoothly.”

- Simon Jones, HJSJ

Project details