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Leaded lights & stained glass

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Technique description

A came is a divider bar used to connect multiple small pieces of glass and form a larger glazing panel. When these cames are made from lead then this is referred to as leaded lights or leadlights. These are popular in period buildings as they preserve the traditional design.

Traditionally, stained glass refers to an ornate form of leaded lights (such as the style created for church windows) whereas leaded lights are more plain (such as those used in domestic or commercial use). In modern language, however, these terms are used largely interchangeably.

In theory, there is little to constrain the size that can be created. The largest created by Daedalian Glass Studios to date is an 18 x 10 metre leaded lights domed skylight.

Winkley square window example 3

Stained glass window design

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