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17 August 2015

The Daedalian Glass Team Is Growing

Welcome to our new additions to the Daedalian Glass team

The past 18 months has seen considerable growth in both the volume and size of glass projects at Daedalian. This has necessitated that over the summer we have welcomed two new arrivals to studios enhance our sales and project administration departments.

For the past two years, Daedalian Glass Studios has also been collaborating with a European Programme to employ glass students for work experience in a commercial studio. This programme places students for up to three months employment and most glass design students are from the Czech Republic and to a lesser extent Germany and France. Our experience has been that they have all been very capable young people and very enthusiastic about glass design and making.

Currently we have two students, Michal and Marcela from the Czech Republic who are studying design and glass making. They are gaining valuable experience assisting with the making of crystal acanthus and palm leaves for column capitals at a very large project in London

Michal Sehlik
Marcela Silhanova

A strong internship programme creates a positive experience for all parties involved. Interns receive the valuable industry experience they may be lacking whilst the employer gains by having an extra pair of hands during short-term spikes in production. Furthermore, interns energise the team with their youthful creativity and enthusiasm when working with glass.  Daedalian Glass Studios are committed to continue giving back to the glass industry by providing internship opportunities within our studio whenever possible.