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18 August 2023

In Profile – Wei Ting, Glass Studio Technician

In profile this month is one of our newest team members Wei Ting!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy studio schedule to chat with us! First off it would be great to hear more about you, where you’re from and what drew to to Daedalian Glass Studios…

So I am from Taiwan and I always wanted to experience a different cultural lifestyle. Before here I was in Bournemouth for three months to study language, once I finished school I started to look for an artistic job as I have a masters degree in fine art. I was looking to get into a different field as previously I was an art teacher (teaching how to paint). I liked the look of the job as it’s a similar process to fine art but it is also a good challenge for me!

How did you find the relocation process? Was it fairly easy to find accommodation etc

I had never been here before, but this was the first job I wanted so I just decided to move here! When I first arrived I was in Blackpool for two weeks renting a room in a B&B.  After being here a few weeks I decided I wanted to be closer to the studio so I found somewhere to live in Poulton, where it’s easy to get to work on the bus, with no traffic its around 20 minutes. Poulton is a nice area with a train station so its convenient to get to other cities.

Great to hear the process was smooth and you found somewhere to live in an easy commuting distance!

Yes, I also enjoy working with my colleagues they are all really kind. Even when I first started my English wasn’t really good so there were some things I didn’t understand but everyone was patient with me. I learned English in Taiwan but it was American English so some words aren’t the same, I also had to get used to different accents!

Yes the American and British English language can be quite different! What would you say has been your favourite thing to work on so far at Daedalian?

I like the painting and creating the master wax moulds for some cast glass panels we are working on.  I feel like its similar techniques to my degree.

Outside of the studios how are you finding living in the UK generally?
The weather (laughter). Its quite different but its interesting because the other reason I chose the UK to live was because one of my favourite artists is John Constable, so I was curious how he could create those landscape masterpieces. I saw I could learn a lot from the weather in the UK as its always changing!

Yes the weather is extremely unpredictable here! Have you had a chance to explore any of the local beauty spots?

Yes I have been to the Lake District, the Peak District, Nicky Nook, Yorkshire Dales. So there are a lot of hiking paths which is really nice when the weather is good! I’ve also been to Liverpool, Manchester, York, London and Scotland. I have explored Blackpool seaside, walking on the promenade and eating ice cream! My favourite places are the national parks where I can hike as I love mountain sides! If I have a chance I would also like to see the Blackpool Illuminations later this year.

The Illuminations are a Blackpool classic! From your experience, do you have any advice for anyone relocating to work at Daedalian?

I would say Poulton is a nice area and if you don’t have your own transportation, the buses and trains are good. Finding an apartment was interesting, I ended up finding an Airbnb, I asked if I could have a long term let and the landlord said yes! Blackpool isn’t bad but it takes longer to get the studio (around an hour) but Poulton is only 20 minutes.


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