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25 April 2023

In Profile – Erin Giles, Graphics & Studio Technician

In profile this month is our fabulous Graphics & Studio Technician, Erin.

Thanks for taking the time today I know how busy you are at the moment! Lets jump straight into the questions…

I know you have recently bought a house and have been busy settling in, are you enjoying homeowner life? What’s the best part?

Homeowner life is lovely! The best part is making the space my own, painting the walls and scouring the internet for good deals on furniture!

Absolutely, you have to find the deals! I know you have quite a few tattoos, do you have a favourite?

My favourite one I would have to say is my Indian/Japanese inspired tattoo, I designed it myself around my love of the ocean and of course my love of design.

It is a beautiful tattoo. Initially you started at Daedalian as a graphics technician, then got more involved with the studio side of things, how do you find these two roles interact

Initially up until this point, anytime I’ve worked in a graphics job I haven’t seen the final outcome after handing over the design. So its nice to get hands on and be able to see projects through to the end.

In Profile Erin Giles Graphics & Studio Technician

How long have you been working for Daedalian now?

3.5 years, it was December 2019 I started!

Time flies doesn’t it! What would you say is your favourite glass technique to work on and see brought to life?

Etching is definitely my favourite as it very much follows my graphics based nature. Being able to take shapes and see how this interacts with the glass and the light, seeing the design full scale. The first project I worked on was an outdoor kitchen splashback for a private residence, it was a huge panel based on Irish landmarks with the Rock of Cashel. I love Ireland and I have a lot of Irish family so it was a nice project.

In Profile Erin Giles Graphics & Studio TechnicianBest project you’ve worked on?

Grosvenor Street was a great project to work on, you (Isabel – Business Development Manager) and I did a lot of the laminating process! I like laminating as there are so many different stages to the process.

In Profile Erin Giles Graphics & Studio Technician

What country would you most like to visit?

I’d say Germany, Japan and Mexico are countries I am particularly interested in, definitely Mexico.  Just the cultures and the different places I would like to experience.

What’s the best free food to discover in the breakroom?

It’s hard to choose, but I would say brisket. Roger (Studio & Installation Technician) and Rob (Project Manager) competed in a Fire vs Water brisket challenge a few months ago and both were delicious!

Any hobbies outside of work?

I go to life drawing classes with Will and Shannen (Daedalian Studio Technicians) every week. Cooking is fun too, at the moment I’m experimenting with vegan and vegetarian dishes. My overall favourite dish I would say is vegan chilli!

That sounds very tasty, maybe there needs to be another Daedalian cook off in the future? Keep your eye out on our Instagram stories for our next event!


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