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12 July 2022

In Profile – Emma Reeves, Studio Manager

In profile this month is Emma our newly appointed Studio Manager.

Congrats on the promotion Emma, its certainly well deserved! I know how busy you are lately working on some intricate projects at the moment so lets dive right in…

You studied 3D Design at Manchester Met University, can you tell us a little more about your course?

When I started the course it was quite varied, we had different workshops in glass, wood, metal and ceramics. We did all the workshops in the first year and part way through the second year, I really enjoyed working with different materials and experimenting. Part way through my second year I specialised in glass and haven’t looked back since!

What made you decide on a career in glassmaking?

I think it was seeing the different things you could produce. At Uni we had a glass blowing workshop which initially drew me. As I delved further into the workshops I fell in love with glass fusing and cutting, as I felt you could do so much more with the material by testing different colours, layers and shapes. Every outcome is different and you never 100% know how its going to turn out.

You are one of our go-to people now for cast glass, would you say this has become your specialty?

Yes definitely! Before the pandemic I was mainly working on EVA and cold pour lamination jobs, sandblasting and kiln forming. When the lockdowns ended we landed some amazing casting jobs, and now that’s what I spend all my time doing!

Even though you spend most of your time casting glass, are there any other glass techniques you really enjoy the process of?

I’d say I really enjoy kiln forming as I love to see the different textures, but I also love the process of our fused tesseract design.

I know you spend a lot of time in London in your spare time, what is it you love about the city?

I just love the vibe of London, I love the city life in general. I’ve also recently been to Manchester and Leeds visiting friends, after being in a rural area during the week I like the balance of being in a vibrant city at the weekends.

Before the pandemic hit you said what a great time you had traveling to Ibiza, do you have any other travel plans this year, or anything on your bucket list?

Croatia in August, I can’t wait! I have quite a few places on my bucket list, my sister has just been to Mykonos where I really want to go, Italy and Barcelona. There’s something about the European culture and the history!

Highlight of working at Daedalian?

Working on different projects, every day is different it never gets boring. There’s always a challenge, so even when its intense, its really rewarding to constantly develop your skills. Its nice to see the outcome of the projects after spending countless hours in the studio.

Emma Studio Manager

Emma Studio Manager

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