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17 June 2019

Glass Studio Internship: Katerina & Lenka

For the past three weeks, Daedalian Glass Studios has had the pleasure of working with Katerina and Lenka. Both girls have traveled here from the Czech Republic to undertake a glass studio internship and learn new skills whilst experiencing a different way of life. Even though both girls only speak basic English, they have thrown themselves into the projects we have going on here at the studio.

Before they flew home, we caught up with them to find out about their glass studio internship experience:

You have been with us for three weeks – did you enjoy your taste of life in England?

Yes, we have seen lots of nice places and got to drive on the other side of the road. They people here are very friendly.

What places have you visited?

We have been to Blackpool and Manchester, but our favourite place was Liverpool. We loved shopping!

Did you enjoy the English food and was it different to home?

It’s not very different but its more expensive than home!

What inspired you to come and gain glass working experience with Daedalian Glass Studios?

We found you on the website and really liked the designs you have. We thought it would be a good experience to learn new techniques.

Would you come again?

Yes! We would love to come back if school let us.

Did you learn lots of useful skills?

We learnt so much. It was nice to try different things.

What was your favourite part of working here?

We liked laminating the glass and wax fettling. We also liked working with Val.

What would you like to do in the future?

We want to travel and see lots of different places. We love art and working with glass so that’s what we want to do.


The team at Daedalian Glass Studios would all like to say a massive thank you to Katerina and Lenka for their time spent working us, it’s been a pleasure.

Here are some images of their glass design portfolio that they shared with us:


“Our glass studio internship opportunities are fantastic opportunity for students wishing to gain practical experience within a working studio environment.  We have hosted students from across Europe in the past to come and join the Daedalian Glass Studios team for a placement.

Katerina and Lenka are very talented young glass technicians and will have a great future ahead of them, we wish them all the best with their studies. If they ever wanted to come back to Daedalian, they would be more than welcome.’

Joe Walmsley (Managing Director, Daedalian Glass Studios)


To learn more about working at Daedalian Glass Studios, and to apply to join our team, visit the career section of our website.