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8 July 2016

Děkuji a nashledanou – Thank you and goodbye to Pavlina and Danisa

For the past six weeks, the studio team at Daedalian has been joined by Pavlina and Danisa on an international internship programme.

As this is their last day we had a chat with them about their experiences in the UK.

Pavlina and Denisa are students at The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod, the Czech Republic.

Both girls are very friendly with Pavlina having better oral English skills, acting as the main translator for them both.

Here is what they had to say about life in the UK and working at Daedalian Glass Studios:

What made you wish to come and work in the UK?

I wanted to come because I like glass and art and wanted to see the different technique(s) and some artists from other countries.

Obviously you would have seen in the news the stories about the UK leaving the EU while you were here, what are your thoughts on this?

I think maybe it will be bad for this project and for ERASMUS but we will see. Maybe it will stay the same, I am not sure what will happen.

Let’s get away from politics, what was it like working at Daedalian Glass Studios?

It was very similar to back home. The people are very friendly so it was fine.

Have you worked in similar companies in your own country?

We worked in big firms, here it is smaller so we feel part of the team – it was fun.


So you enjoyed the work?

The people are talkative and it is nice. We tried new techniques and we made important projects so it was very interesting. For me, I am only a student but I was able to work on important projects and learn.

So, what did you enjoy the most?

Being part of the team and trying lots of techniques.

Did you learn anything new?

Oh, yes. Hot-knifing for example and cutting glass. It was really interesting.

What did you enjoy doing in your spare time?

We went to Blackpool every weekend to know the city. It is nice to explore and to see the sea – we only have lakes at home! We visited nightclubs also and the sport club to watch the England vs Slovakia football match. I like how English fans go to the pub to watch games.

And finally, will you return to the UK?

I want to because it is very fine, I like English people but if maybe I learn English more and can talk more.

Thank you, come back and visit some time!

“It is always a pleasure to welcome Czech students to Daedalian Glass Studios. We have been joined by Pavlina and Denisa for six weeks, a talented pair with an attention to detail that is just right for a glass studio. We wish them good luck in their future studies and glass making and look forward to seeing more students join us in the future. Next week we have two more Czech students arriving, Simon and Tamara, for another six weeks’ internship.”

Davia Walmsley
Creative Director