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7 April 2020

Top 5 Instagram Posts by Daedalian Glass Studios


Daedalian Glass Studios – Most liked Instagram posts.


As the design industry adjusts to working from home, everyone is relying on digital forms of communication to stay in touch, and to discover new inspiration. At Daedalian Glass Studios, we have seen proof of this trend as traffic to our digital sample library has increased, as has our visual based social medias such as Pinterest and Instagram.

So, what has everyone been looking at? Here are our top 5 Instagram posts:


Number 5 is Sample #023 in our digital sample library. Daedalian Glass Studios will create architectural mouldings in cast lead-crystal glass to almost any shape our clients request. This is becoming an increasingly popular feature with architects and interior designers, and one of the must-have elements of a truly luxurious design project. As well as custom shapes and sizes, Daedalian Glass Studios offers a range of finished options such as a polished or frosted surface finish, silvered or gilded rear faces, or a painted rear face (can match any colour requested).


At number 4 is Sample #004. This sample was created with the superyacht industry in mind and features an organic sea shells pattern in cast lead-crystal glass. As with the sample above, this can be customised in various ways and would look absolutely stunning around as part of the pool or beach club designs of a superyacht project. Unfortunately, we cannot show any images of superyachts we have been involved in the design of due to NDA’s.


Our 3rd most popular post was one welcoming Izzy to the sales team a few months ago. Izzy joined our team after previously working in marketing / sales in the Jewellery industry and has a bachelors degree in Contemporary Crafts.

**UPDATE** Izzy is doing fantastically well and is quickly learning all the intricacies of our glass manufacturing processes, along with the unique style tastes, wants, and requirements of each of our clients.



Number 2 is a fused glass artwork piece, created by Daedalian Glass Studios’ Founder and Creative Director, Davia Walmsley. This is a throwback post and was actually created for entry into an exhibition many years ago (so long that none of us can remember the exact date).



At Number 1, a Daedalian Glass Studios collaboration with Kelly Hoppen Interiors to create decorative glass wall cladding for ‘The Samsung Home Innovation Luxury Living Space‘ at Harrods Department Store.  This linear design was back painted with a metallic paint, as per Kelly Hoppen Interiors requirements but as per all our designs it can be customised completely – increasing or decreasing the density of the linear design, back-painting any colour, frosting the front, or silvering / gilding the rear.


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