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29 January 2021

Thirty-Five Years of Daedalian Glass Studios: A Message from our MD

Daedalian Glass Studios is entering its 35th year in 2021, our Coral / Jade anniversary!  To celebrate we will be posting a blog each month that looks back on our glass studios’ history. These blogs will cover various topics that had been part of the Daedalian journey – the projects, the team, the clients, and some of the beautiful glass designs that haven’t yet stepped out of the shadows (not made it past the sample stage}.

To kick us off, a few words from our Managing Director, Joe Walmsley:


“Thirty-five years of fantastic glass work – what a milestone to have reached and fittingly I’d like to pay tribute to Daedalian Glass Studios’ Founder, and my Mother, Davia. This year also signifies her 40th anniversary as an independent glass artist and working with both cold and hot glass, combined with her eye for detail and artistic form, we have grown into the studio we are today. Looking forward, we will continue to grow and offer an ever-increasing variety of decorative glass techniques (thanks also to our schedule of investment in studio facilities), all from Daedalian Glass Studios here in Lancashire.

I’m very lucky and grateful for all the years of hard work by both my Mother and my Father, Chris (Daedalian’s Technical Director). Also, all the very talented teams of artisans and professionals who have been part of the Daedalian Glass Studios story.  Thanks to their achievements, we have a back-catalogue of projects and clients that puts Daedalian Glass Studios at a level, competing with the most talented glass makers and studios from all over the world.

I have grown up in the company, spent many of my holidays working in the studios and on-site at incredible locations, and have now having served as the MD for the past four years. This has provided me with a unique perspective of what Daedalian Glass Studios can continue doing so well, and how we can continue to develop as an industry leader in the decorative glass market.

Over the past eight years since I became a permanent fixture, we have seen an increasing focus on combination of artisan techniques with cutting-edge modern technology.  The technical accuracy of precision machines blended with the labour-intensive, handmade quality of artisanal manufacturing allows our studio team to accept commissions from architects, designers, and artists on ever more spectacular installations.

Building collaborative customer relationships, and the challenge of delivering on demanding project briefs, is a large part of what I and the team enjoy about work at Daedalian. Then there is the glass – we love the stuff, in all its dynamic and precious aspects, as well as it’s unforgiving nature that pushes us constantly for focus and precision.  I firmly believe it is the most unique material to work with in terms of the variation of design aesthetics that can be achieved.  Not to mention its environmental qualities – it is 100% infinitely recyclable.

I look forward to speaking with you again through the year with updates of how we’re celebrating the thirty-five-year milestone, and hopefully bringing reason for cheers despite the current circumstances.

Thanks and stay safe,

 Joe Walmsley, MD