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3 April 2024

Spring Cleaning Tips: Glass Edition

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means – it’s time for some spring cleaning! In this blog post, we have some valuable tips to ensure your glass surfaces sparkle like new and stays protected during the cleaning process.

1. Prep before you clean.

Before reaching for that cleaning solution, gently brush off any excess dirt or debris. A major mistake many make, is spraying cleaning solution on the surface without carefully removing any surface dirt, this will create a solution with grains of dirt suspended in it – grains of dirt that can potentially scratch the glass whilst a cloth is wiping over it. The best practice is using a vacuum cleaner, gently blowing, or carefully brushing away any excess dirt before applying the liquid cleaner and wiping with a cloth. Trust us, this simple step can make a big difference!

2. Don’t clean glass installations on a bright and sunny day.

While a bright, sunny day might seem like the perfect time to tackle your external glass cleaning, this can cause the cleaning solution to dry too quickly before you have time to wipe and polish leaving behind streaky marks. Opt for a cloudy day for better results!
Spring cleaning - glass edition

3. Know your cleaners.

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is a powerful cleaning agent, but it’s essential to consider the surface treatment of your glass. For instance, etched glass is often treated with a Clearshield product, which protects the etching and reduces the impact of fingerprints discolouring the frosted effect. IPA strips away this Clearshield layer, so it will actually make the ‘freshly cleaned’ look wear off sooner. Always check the compatibility of cleaners with your glass surface or consult your O&M’s to avoid any unwanted damage.

4. Choose the right cloth.

The best way to clean glass is by using either a lint-free microfiber cloth or tissue paper. These materials won’t leave behind any pesky lint or fibres, giving your glass surfaces a flawless shine.
Spring cleaning - glass edition

5. Two-step process.

For the perfect polish, adopt a two-cloth approach. Use one cloth for cleaning with your chosen solution and a separate dry cloth for the final polish. This method helps ensure that your glass panels are completely dry and streak-free, crystal-clear.

Additional Tip: Wear white cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints.

Here’s to sparkling glass and a fresh start to the season!

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