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25 April 2018

Monochrome, It’s not just black and white

Luxury new-build or full redevelopment design projects have long lead times. From the initial design stage, a superyacht can take over 5 years to build and the 5* hospitality, super-prime residential sectors have similar time frames. If these projects are designed with the latest trends in mind, they will be out of fashion before they are even completed. Strikingly different, yet also familiar, monochrome alludes to a simple, classic taste at its finest. A monochrome design is many things, it can be contemporary, modern, timeless, and clean – it has all these attributes at once.

Sample#122 Laminated fabric – Black and White
Sample#122 Laminated fabric – Black and White
Black and white wave patterned fabric laminated between glass.

When executed properly, monochrome styling can be all those accolades, by its nature, monochrome is contradictory. It is the battle and balance between dark and light. Monochrome can be indulgent, harsh and stunning in its simplicity, it is timelessly versatile and fits effortlessly into a design project, regardless of its scale.

Sample#013 Laminated handmade paper white grid pattern
Sample#013 Laminated handmade paper, white grid pattern
Handmade paper with a white grid pattern laminated between glass.

One of the beautiful characteristics of choosing a stark, black and white palette means that you can apply finer layers of texturing and more intricate patterns that would be lost within a colour laden design. This helps create elegant and uncomplicated harmony in hospitality, residential and corporate settings a like.

Stripping back to the cutting tones of jet and ebony, paired with hues of navajo and eggshell commands attention and defines a room with its brooding energy. Having such a colour scheme can present exciting challenges and afford interesting opportunities to explore inventive lighting options. Added to this the inclusion of abstract or geometric options, such as the loose style #013 sample above, and it’s clear to see how patterns lend themselves to a stricter choice of colour.

Sample#058 Scored line design back-painted
Sample#058 Scored line design, back-painted
A line design is scored into this back painted glass panel.

Mixing up an environment through the inclusion of different textures creates a variety of interesting timbres in a room, and using monochrome brings balance to them all. This is because monochrome helps to create seamless environments that ooze decadence, whilst also appearing restrained when compared to other liberally floral counterparts or colour choices. The simplicity and strong, clean lines make for an engaging, but not foreboding, atmosphere in a room or space.

Sample#184 Laminated stone veneer 05
Sample#184 Laminated stone veneer 05
A stone veneer sourced from specialist suppliers and laminated between glass.

To expand upon this idea, the key to monochrome is the age-old rule, ‘less is more’. Harbouring this mindset is the cornerstone to achieving this highly fashionable, smart and seductive look.

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