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25 June 2018

How vibrant greens can create standout interior designs

On the colour spectrum green is unlike any other colours. Green transcends a large area of tone from the misty creaminess of blue and turquoise, right through the outskirts of pear, chartreuse and finally into yellow. This vast range means that choosing the right green(s), to create standout interior designs can be very challenging even to the most experienced interior designer.

Green lines tile from sample library
Sample#126 Laminated raffia

Along the journey through the colour wheel, greens represent many moods and ideas. Green has a lot in its arsenal and can hint at anything from a delicate, calming warmth (think jade and Persian), or attack the brash, bright tones of evergreen and harlequin, to create vibrancy and excitement. More rustic greens that encroach upon brown, give an earthy, guttural edge to an already ambient, expansive and expressive base colour.

As a designer, knowing how to extract the best out of this varied colour, and understanding its potential, is a skill achieved through fine balance and experience.

Calming nature

Green’s long association with relaxation, good fortune, health and tranquillity is long established. Its calming nature is attributed to a psychological effect experienced by viewers and users, that subconsciously reminds them of nature. Research has shown that green sharpens the mind, helps people read and enhances concentration levels. This is in addition to the feeling of wellness people have been found to feel when around green colour tones.

Close up of the Savoy Bar
The bar at The Savoy Hotel, London

Tones and texture

All colours have differing tones across their spectrum; however, green’s range is quite extreme. Deep, sophisticated and brooding hues of sacramento give rooms an air of class and elegance, like the sullen musk’s often found amongst darker blues and greys. Statement furniture, innovative glass designs and art that use green tones can accentuate and elevate rooms whilst maintaining the classic, calming feel and character of a setting.

Colours as far ranging as malachite, British racing green or the more sombre, washed out tonal palettes of mint and seafoam, can handleeautiful textures whilst being used to create a rich tonal depth that also arches back to nature. The example below shows the glass art installation created by Daedalian for the Macmillan Cancer Unit, at Roxburghe House in Aberdeen.

Close up of wall mural in Aberdeen
Macmillan Cancer Unit, at Roxburghe House in Aberdeen

Natural elements

Green has strong connections to nature for the obvious reasons. Using it in design highlights these and allows the colour to breathe, letting its various meanings infiltrate the room. You can show natural features and settings, compliment the wider environment and ultimately bring nature indoors through striking design. Examples of this complimentary design ideas used at The Grassington National Park Centre, Yorkshire Dales National Park and The Isla Gladstone Conservatory, Stanley Park, Liverpool.

Grassington Dome close up
Close up of a glass ceiling panel from the The Grassington National Park Centre, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Notice how the ‘fireworks’ in green, turquoise and purple create a standout feature for the Grassington National Park Centre project. Alternatively, the glass sample below shows a laminated digital print sample from Daedalian of green apples.

Green Apples sample library
Sample#176 Laminated digital print, green apples

Dazzling brilliance
Green is versatile and although traditional interpretations of green are of calmness and tranquillity, green can be virile, vivacious, violent and festive. Green compliments many colours, even if it is often said that “red and green must never be seen”.

Renowned abstract artist Cy Twombly often used green in a provocative manner to emphasise, express and entertain. His work Untitled V (Green Paintings) evoke woodland strolls and present great use of texture, mood, light and artistic technique whilst dazzling with their starkness.

In summary, greens are a staple part of so many classic interior design styles and are definitely worthy of consideration for your next project.

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