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23 July 2018

Glass Art around the Subterranean Swimming Pools of Private Homes

Daedalian Glass Studios have produced pieces for various residential swimming pools, including a private residence’s in Highgate, London,  Child’s Hill, London, and Pleasington, Lancashire. With the lack of space and extortionate cost of land in or Capital, home owners are looking to build up or burrow down to create more space. Subterranean swimming pools are a must-have luxury for the super-prime London real estate – there are a total of 376 subterranean swimming pool owners in London (May 2018), proving that beneath the capitals beaming streets lies luxury and integrity.

Crystal Corinthian Column - Daedalian Glass Studios
Cast lead-crystal Corinthian columns surround the subterranean swimming pool

To enjoy this opulence alongside fine pieces of glass art integrates value like no other. Daedalian Glass Studios created and installed a series of Corinthian column capitals (as shown above) at a private residence in Highgate, London  – the second largest residence in London (behind Buckingham Palace).  Manufactured from approximately 800 individual pieces of cast lead-crystal glass, these Corinthian column capitals provide an lavish and alluring atmosphere in the subterranean swimming pool room.

5m long kiln formed and silvered feature panel in London private residence
Five meter long kiln formed and silvered feature panel for a private residence in Childs Hill, London.

Just two miles away, Child’s Hill sits on the edge of Hampstead’s West Heath. Daedalian Glass Studios used 3D auto CAD design work to create a feature wall art piece for this subterranean swimming pool, located beneath a private residence within a gated cul-de-sac. Composed of five pieces and transformed by etching and cutting the silvered and kiln formed glass, of which was customised with a lighting system enclosed behind.

Firstly, a water-jet was used to cut the five constituent pieces of glass to their required shape. This method allowed contours to be created with a precision that other cutting machines would not achieve. To create the front face design for this piece, the glass was kiln-formed over textured moulds. To enhance the surface texture, a mottle design was etched across the front face. Finally, the back face was silvered before being hand sandblasted to create a distressed finish.

Textured, light diffusing glass panels, Private Residential Development, Lancashire.
Textured, light diffusing glass panels, Private Residential Development, Lancashire.

The Pleasington project in Lancashire was for a shared private health club located at a private complex in West Lancashire. Daedalian Glass Studios created a series of textured and light diffused art glass panels to be placed around the health club for both decorative purposes and to provide privacy for users.

At Daedalian Glass Studios we pride ourselves with being able to deliver any brief to the highest standard. Contact us to discuss how Daedalian Glass Studios can add value to your subterranean swimming pool project.