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21 April 2020

Daedalian Glass Studios Isolation Inspiration – Digital Meeting.

Isolation Inspiration.

Due to the corona virus situation we’re currently unable to have meetings in person, which is sadly the best way to really see and be most inspired by the tactile nature, and varying opacity and colour, that glass can have when seen in a dynamic way with light.  Joe Walmsley, Daedalian’s Managing Director, has recorded a version of the presentation that we usually give during meetings with Architects, Interior Designers, or Art Consultants. Below there are photos of the range of samples usually presented to bring Daedalian Glass Studios to your home office!

We have a team of designers, project managers and technical sales people currently working from home, so we can continue with work in progress through the design phase and make a start on new orders, planning production for when we return – please keep your enquiries coming and we hope to back making inspiring glass works soon!

Visit Daedalian Glass Studios Digital Sample Library for more inspiration.

If you wish to discuss a glass design project, please contact our team via email ( or phone (01253 702 531).