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3 February 2017

Daedalian Glass Studios digital glass sample library!

Great news for interior designers and architects! Finding inspiration for your glass design requirements has now become a lot easier – Daedalian Glass Studios has launched a digital glass sample library.

Although we do not hold a product catalogue – we produce bespoke glass to the unique requirements of each client – samples are often requested from us by interior designers and architects. This is usually when they wish to explore our technical abilities or gain inspiration for their projects. To aide our clients, we are launching a new digital samples library today.

Starting with around 250 samples, this library will be organised around glass working techniques (such as casting, fusing, slumping, laminating, etching, silvering, and painting). This will allow a specific style and texture of glass to be searched should this have already been specified. Alternatively, the samples can be browsed as a whole or the search bar can be used to seek out key design elements.

In the coming months, we will continue to add to the selection of samples uploaded. As many of our most popular samples are in a rotation cycle of lending to interior designers and architects, it is recommended to keep checking back to see our latest uploads.

Furthermore, as we experiment with glass in our R&D time we will upload the resulting glass samples. This will therefore be the best resource to view the latest innovations and designs by Daedalian Glass Studios.