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18 March 2020

COVID-19 Statement

This has been a testing week for most, but at Daedalian we are focusing on the positive and remain resilient while adapting to new working conditions ensuring we are staying safe and healthy.

Our studio continues to run business as usual until we are advised otherwise. Whilst working on projects worldwide, our sales and installations teams have often been required to work remotely with full connectivity to our servers. This experience is now proving invaluable and we are well placed to ensure our office-based teams will continue working unabated should we be compelled to operate remotely. The studio team is required on-site to manufacture using our specialist equipment, however we have several contingency plans in place to minimise the impact of any circumstance we may face.

Daedalian continues to build relationships and are still working closely with suppliers, clients, and as a team to remain fully operational whilst upholding the same level of quality control in our manufacturing. Design meetings have switched from face-to-face to emails, voice and video, and we will ensure that we keep all clients aware of this evolving situation, and any affect it may have on our supply chain and manufacturing capacity.

We extend our well wishes to all our contacts and hope everyone is staying safe during this uncertain time. We aim to continue to improve our processes and look forward to things returning back to normal in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Best Regards,
Joe Walmsley
Managing Director, Daedalian Glass Studios
Joe Walmsley of Daedalian Glass Studios manaco yacht show 2017