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21 June 2022

Cancer Research June Yoga Challenge

“Together we’ve come so far. But we have so much more to do.”

During June, Daedalian Glass Studios Directors, Chris and Davia Walmsley and BDM, Isabel Howe are taking part in the Cancer Research UK’s June yoga Challenge.  Throughout June, they will each complete 30 minutes of yoga a day to raise money for this amazing cause.

Cancer has affected almost every person in the world in some way whether. Whether a personal diagnosis, a family member, a colleague, or a friend – nearly everyone knows someone who had battled this terrible disease. 2022 marks 20 years since the formation of Cancer Research UK, with the survival rate currently at 50%.


Breast cancer took my Grandma at 55 who I never had the chance to meet, and my mums best friend at 49 who left behind a teenage daughter and a husband.

I recently watched one of my close friends Laura battle Lymphoma twice in the space of two years in her mid twenties, thankfully she is still in recovery after ‘ringing that bell’ over a year ago. She went though over 100 blood tests, 10 CT scans, an MRI, a biopsy, 1 stem cell transplant, 15 sessions of radiotherapy, 50 bags of chemotherapy,  4 shaved heads (which she rocked!). This is really only the tip of the iceberg, and there were many more treatments she had to endure to get where she is now.

I saw Laura’s strength even when she didn’t feel it. I saw her grace as she went through a stem cell transplant, alone in hospital for weeks during Covid when no-one was allowed to visit her. I listened to her talk about how amazing the nurses at the Christie Hospital in Manchester were, who made her feel less alone and who supported her when no-one else could. I see Laura now a year on, living her life with no limits and spending every moment she can with her family and friends, and I think that’s the way to live.

Because of Laura I signed up as a stem cell donor, I hope one day I will be able to help someone get their life back, the way someone helped Laura get hers back.

When I saw this Yoga challenge advertised on Facebook I immediately signed up, thinking if I could even raise £100 it would be some contribution to this amazing cause. I’ve always loved Yoga (although I’m not great at it!) so it seemed like a perfect way to honour the people in my life who have had to go through Cancer.

When I went into work and told my colleagues what I was doing, Davia (Creative Director) and Chris (Technical Director) both immediately signed up too. Within 10 days we had achieved 70% of our target which astonished and thrilled us! We are aiming to raise £300 and at this moment in time we are only £70 away from that target with 2 weeks left to go!”




When we heard about this great cause, we were eager to get involved and join Isabel on her challenge. We have been doing yoga for 5-6 years, and taking part has rekindled our love for it as well as raising money for something truly important and life-changing for many people.

Chris and Davia


If this has inspired you to donate please click on the link below to our donation page:

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