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What we did

"It is an important, significant and lasting mark of the city, the county and the Christian faith, and is dedicated to the greater glory of God."

(The Very Rev Peter Marshal, Dean of Worcestershire)

Daedalian Glass Studios Founder and Creative Director, Davia Walmsley worked closely with Mark Cazalet on the design on the millennium window. Mark Cazalet originated all the artwork for this window whilst Davia advised on any changes / modifications that will allow the artwork to create the best visual impact once created in glass.

Davia then re-imagined Marks artwork into a multi-layer etched glass design and manufactured the panels in our studios. Setting these panels within the original stone frames of the cathedral offered up another technical challenge as each piece of glass required custom, precision cutting to achieve the correct size. Finally, Daedalian Glass Studios installations team spent three days on-site to fit the installation in-situ.

Project details