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What we did

Daedalian worked closely with Ateliers De France (ADF) to deliver this project - designing, manufacturing and installing textured and hand silvered water effect glass for the lobby, retail colonnade and in the bathroom areas of the Peninsula Hotel.

The first step was to conduct a 3D Laser survey using advanced LIDAR (Light, Imaging, Detection, and Ranging) technology. This allowed the design team to create a 3D digital model of the structure ahead of the detailed design phase.

A full-scale mock up was then created in the Daedalian Glass Studios gallery space, allowing the client to review and provide a final sign-off of the agreed specification prior to manufacture.

The Lobby:
This area features 4mm and 6mm low iron toughened, textured and hand silvered glass panels, including antique brass frameworks. These bespoke mirrors elegantly compliment the hand painted de Gournay wallpaper.

Retail Colonnade:
This area features low iron toughened laminated to textured and hand silvered glass, including an antique brass frame. These bespoke glass panels bring a sophisticated and distinguished look to the retail colonnade situated within the Peninsular Hotel.

Due to the extensive framework requirements on this project, it was one of the most comprehensive installations the team at Daedalian Glass Studios have completed to date.