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What we did

Daedalian Glass Studios custom made these lead-crystal light diffusers for Peter Mikic Interiors, in collaboration with Bespoke Metal Studio who manufactured the framework for the lights.

To manufacture these bespoke light diffusers, Daedalian Glass Studios first created a mould using a last-wax casting technique. Lost wax carving involves the following manufacturing stages:

  1. Carving the shape of the finishes glass design in wax.
  2. Pouring Silicone over the wax mould to create a silicone negative.
  3. Steam the silicone mould to remove the wax.
  4. Pour more silicone over the negative mould to create a positive silicone mould.
  5. Pour refractory plaster around the positive silicone mould to create a negative plaster mould, suitable for glass casting at high temperatures.
  6. Place lead-crystal glass into the plaster mould and fire into the kiln to cast the glass into shape.

These panels were then cut to the exact dimensions required using a precision water-jet before being polished in an acid bath to give them a highly-reflective surface finish.