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What we did

Davia Walmsley of Daedalian Glass Studios worked with artist Nick Mynheer to depict 1000 years of history at this stunning manor house.

Davia and Nick have a long history of collaboration. Nick drew the original designs for the windows including historical imagery of Studley Priory, Davia then re-imagined those designs into glass using sandblasting and etching techniques.

Dating in parts back to 1176, it was originally a home for Benedictine nuns. Studley Priory itself was originally built in 1587 and has had only four owners in its long history. During the war it was also used as a sanatorium for Royal Air Force Officers. In 1947 the house changed hands and was ran as a country-house hotel for the next 14 years. During that time many famous guests enjoyed visits, including C.S Lewis, Beverley Nichols, Sandy Wilson, and Adrian Boult. Since 2004 Studley Priory has continued to run as a hotel and has undergone a huge renovation.

"I collaborated with Davia and Daedalian Glass Studios to produce a set of 15 sandblasted panels charting the 1000 year history of an important manor house."

- Nick Mynheer

Project details