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What we did

After the initial consultation stage, a few options were proposed to the client and it was decided to create a kitchen splashback design featuring the The Rock of Cashel and the Galty (Galtee) mountain range (both in Co. Tipperary, Munster, Republic of Ireland).

The Rock of Cashel (AKA Cashel of the Kings, AKA St Patrick's Rock) is an iconic historical site in the Province of Munster that dates back to the old Kingdom of Munster. Two of Irelands most historical figures are associated with the Rock of Cashel, St. Patrick and Brian Boru. St. Patrick arrived in Cashel in AD 432 and baptised King Aegnus who later became the first Christian ruler in Ireland. Then in 978, Brian Boru was crowned High King at the Rock of Cashel (the only Irish king able to unite the entirety of Ireland under one ruler). However, most the current buildings on-site date from the 12th and 13th century.

The Galty Mountain range lies roughty 15 miles South-West of the Rock of Cashel on the borders between the countries of Tipperary and Limerick. It's highest peak, Galtymore, is the 12th highest peak on the island of Ireland.

To design this panel, it was hand drawn by Studio Technician, Erin with a forced perspective of the two landmarks (15 miles apart in real reality) appearing next to each other. This was then digitally enhanced and converted to a vector line drawing ready to be sandblasted.

Upon final client sign-off of the design, this panel was manufactured from 10mm thick, toughened low-iron glass (3750 width x 960 height). To create the three dimensional design, the panel was sandblasted by our studio team to multiple depths on both sides of the glass.

Project details