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What we did

After client consultations on-site in the heart of the Swiss-Alps, Daedalian Glass Studios designed and manufactured various decorative glass features for this luxury ski chalet:

  • The Sliding Kitchen Doors - Stone veneer laminated between low-iron glass with 25mm diameter lead crystal door handles. this was sat into rebated frames with an automated opening mechanism.
  • The Kitchen to Hallway Window - A two sided design created by laminating a black, distressed fabric to both sides of double-sided, aqua coloured mirror. Finally, etched detailing was added to the surface on each side.
  • The Spa Door - 11 OQSt style sheer fabric, frayed and layered, in Zeera Green tones with copper wire, unless copper wire doesn't work in which case try another colour of wire.
  • The Hammam Door - Toughened low-iron glass with a sandblasted Gingko leaf design with 25mm diameter lead-crystal door handles.
  • The Hammam Entrance Side Panel - designed to look like ripples on water.
  • The Shower Doors - A kiln formed design on low-iron glass with a 25mm glass rod handle.