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What we did

This project had two stages as Daedalian collaborated on the renovation project at different points. They are:

The Belgravia private dining room
A series of beveled clustered pelmets and glass pilasters and capitals. All the glass components were opaque surface coverings, antique silvered by hand. The pelmet clusters and capitals were also brilliant cut. The glass used for the floor to ceiling pilasters was a unique reeded design, the grooves being CNC cut then hand polished, exclusive to this project.

Celeste Restaurant
A framed, moveable entrance screen along with decorated transparent centre panels for the seating screens and the wine store – collaborating with Alberto Pinto who originated the design. The screens for the wine store are double glazed units, integrating decorative etched panels with switchable, privacy glass. This allows the wine to be displayed at night through transparent etched panels and obscured by day, creating an opaque and contrasting background to the white etched design. All of the glass used was either the highest grade lead crystal or low-iron.

The project took 16 months to complete, with much of the work focused on developing the twenty-two pilasters and five complex shaped and bevelled brilliant cut window pelmets. All the glass in the pelmets and the various parts of the pilasters (the base, column, capital and cornice) are either low iron or lead crystal, antique silvered by hand and fixed to the substrate with mirror screws and hand-made lead crystal rosette screw cover caps - over 1000 in total. The base of each pilaster required two 90 degree mitred joints, cut through solid half circle requiring precise cutting, polishing, and UV bonding.

For the glass panels we developed a harp motif artwork that was etching onto 6mm toughened low iron glass using a fine multi depth sandblasting technique. The finished etching was protected with “Clearshield” to provide low maintenance polymer surface treatment.

This project won the Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine’s award for Top Luxury Hotel Renovation in 2015.