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What we did

Davia Walmsley began this project by researching Indian design and the meanings of different colours in the Hindu religion. India has always been known as the country of symbolic colours, where it is a large part of the Indian consciousness. Hinduism itself is very in tune with nature and gives a spiritual meaning to almost every colour.

It was imperative that the colour black was not used as this has connotations of evil and negativity, representing anger and darkness. Symbolic colours are synonymous with religion and are an expression of faith and belief. For this reason Daedalian chose the following colours to capture the Hindu's belief system:

Red - Symbolises power, passion, strength and purity, the utmost significance in the Hindu religion. In wedding ceremonies, brides place a red dot on their foreheads signifying purity, and dress in red clothing. Deities depicted in red are those who are charitable, protective, and brave.

Green - Symbolises the natural world deities created, meaning purity, peace and happiness. Fertility, life and rebirth are also representative of this colour.

Blue - Symbolises a new beginning, harvest, happiness and the peacefulness of nature. Many Gods such as Vishnu, Kishna and Shiva are depicted with blue skin representing intuition and calmness.

Yellow - Symbolises spring, stability, and knowledge. Often depicted in the clothes of wise Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Kirshna, and Ganesh it is also the colour of the sun which radiates light, warmth and happiness.

Saffron - Composed of shades of orange and golden-yellow, this represents the fire which burns away impurities and cleanses itself in the process. It is also represents lightness and wisdom, qualities the saints possess.

Daedalian created a decorative window using 4mm low iron glass. Fused glass techniques were incorporated along with hand drawn elements using powdered glass. This created depth in the design making the different colours stand out.

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