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What we did

The design for these panels was developed from the brief provided by Gloucester City Council, and brought to reality by Daedalian Glass Studios Graphic and Studio Technician, Erin Giles. The brief was to tell the story of the city of Gloucester though a series of sequential panels and initial discussions were around the potential for there to be 38 panels, installed in phases over a number of years.

After initial discussion, and given the councils responsibility to control costs to maximise the value added to the city post-Covid, the number of panels was reduced down to 12. Further design development meetings then took place to agree upon the historical events, people, buildings, etc. that were to be featured.

The final list signed-off by the client to tell the story of the city of Gloucester was:

  • Panel 1 - Roman Fort - Glevum
  • Panel 2 - King Alfred the Great's Mint, Queen Aethelfed and The Four Gates
  • Panel 3 - King Henry III and John Hooper
  • Panel 4 - Oaks from the King’s Forest of Dean and Pilgrims
  • Panel 5 - The New Inn, Gloucester Cathedral and The Monks
  • Panel 6 - The Monks and Humpty Dumpty Cannon
  • Panel 7 - Siege of Gloucester in 1643 and The Folk Museum
  • Panel 8 - Railways & National Waterways Museum
  • Panel 9 - River Severn and Vining's warehouse
  • Panel 10 - Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre, Fielding & Platt and Walls Ice Cream, Cotton Motor Company Motorcycles & The Gloster Gladiator
  • Panel 11 - HMS Devastation as depicted on "England's Glory" matchboxes, Doctor Foster & Hawker Typhoon
  • Panel 12 - HMS Gloucester, Gloster Meteor and Gloster Javelin

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Project details