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What we did

Daedalian Glass Studios designed and manufactured three different sections of the Synagogue; The Bimma Balustrade, Ark Wind Doors and Jerusalem Windows.

The Jerusalem feature wall/window is located in the entrance hall. This was the first phase of the project which represents Jerusalem, showing the sun shining upon the town. This was created in float glass with multiple depth sandblasting and silver foil to highlight the buildings. Daedalian also fused pieces onto the glass to enhance the 3D effect. The Hebrew text translates "Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains and the Almighty surrounds its people".

Bimah Balustrade:
Due to the predominant colour of the synagogues being sapphire blue, Daedalian created multiple laminated panels to surround the Bimah. The panels were decorated with bonding symbolic Jewish traditions such as the Shabbat candles. The Bimah is a raised area used to read the Torah during services.

Ark Doors:
The Holy Ark doors are where the Torah scrolls are kept, situated at the front of the Synagogue for all to see which is considered the most Holy place. Daedalian created Hale's Synagogue Holy Ark Doors where the end product measured 100kg. The design was to represent Jewish home town roots. To create this design, fused, iridised glass was water jet cut into the building shapes of Jerusalem. The buildings were then fire polished and kiln formed, then bonded individually to laminate glass to give a 3D effect.

Project details