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What we did

The glass screen panels were kiln-formed using a low iron (very white) glass to compliment the river theme of the brief by BDS. A series of long lead crystal rods with alternative black and white glass disks between them were used to increase edge visibility and reduce the identified hazard. With Cambridge Associates being an American company, this was designed to comply with health and safety standards from both the UK and USA.

Fused glass panels were used for the doors while the wall lights were kiln-formed using a combination of clear and opaque glass, coordinating electrical components with glass design. The meeting room door panels were technically difficult as they required the kiln formed design to be integrated with a clear glass element within the panel, allowing people to see into the meeting room.

A second phase to this project was required several years later as Cambridge Associates expanded their offices by another floor. Rather than a new design, Daedalian Glass Studios were also commissioned to expand the original theme across this floor.

Project details