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What we did

Daedalian Glass Studios consulted with designers, SHH from the early concept stages to provide budgetary and technical feasibility advice regarding their decorative, glass specification. This involved both the development and sampling of bespoke features by Daedalian Glass Studios, and advice regarding the specification of off-the-shelf glass products when appropriate.

Spa, Pool Area, and Entrance Doors:
Daedalian Glass Studios created a series of light, organically textured, kiln-formed glass doors for the spa area of the property. These doors were manufactured using two layers of 6mm thick, low-iron glass set into a double glazed unit (13mm circa, overall thickness). After kiln-forming, the glass was toughened to meet all required BS safety standards.

Upon completion of the first installation, the client was very pleased with the quality of our work and requested that our team return to side to remove existing glass from the entrance doors, and replace it with our bespoke kiln formed glass design.

Guest Bathroom Floor Feature:
We laminated 12mm low iron toughened glass, to 10mm low iron toughened glass, with an interlayer of Sophie Mallebranche metal mesh, creating a border around the bathroom floor. All the edges were shaped and polished, fitting seamlessly together creating a gorgeous feature in keeping with the rest of the interior.

Wall Panel:
To match the guest bathroom detailing, we also manufactured a wall panel with the same woven Sophie Mallebranche metal mesh laminated between 6mm low iron toughened glass.