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What we did

Daedalian Glass Studios created a pair of light boxes and restaurant balustrade partitions for the Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa.

The light boxes are located above and down the wall of the main staircase at the hotel. Designed around the theme of the Lakes of Killarney, these ensure the area remains well lit and add a deeper sense of connection with the local landscape whilst adding a focal point to the design of the area.

The Lake Room restaurant serves award-winning fine dining, produced by talented chefs using local produce. The phenomenal views enjoyed by the restaurants guests include the hotel gardens, green fields of the Kerry countryside, and of course, the alluring lakes and mountains of the National Park. To further contribute to the connection with nature felt by guests, Daedalian Glass Studios created an etched glass balustrade partition design, reminiscent of the organic patterning of country hedgerows.

Project details