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16 December 2015

Sandblasted Glass Design

Sandblasting glass is often confused with glass etching. Sandblasted glass design is a process where the surface of the glass is blasted with aluminium oxide. This peppers the surface giving it a milky white appearance. In modern glass design, sandblasting glass is a very popular technique. The process of sandblasting is one of the most desirable glass design techniques available. It can help an architect or designer achieve various unique effects with the glass which always looks different in its surroundings, depending on light and colours.

Sandblasted Glass Dragonflies
Sandblasted Glass Dragonflies

Above is an image of a sandblasted dragonfly, created for national diamond retailer, Prestons of Guildford. Prestons had their new store transformed with our glass design work. This particular glass design technique is used to obscure the view through the sandblasted glass. The glass is able to diffuse light through the surface. Glass designs and patterns are created using a mask that resists the abrasive force of the grit from the sandblaster. The mask is machine or hand cut, depending on the design. Sand carving is achieved by blasting the glass for longer periods of time to gain layers of depth within the glass. When using the sand carving technique, it is necessary to use thicker pieces of glass; the various depths are created by cutting away more of the glass each time you carve. While the process is very time consuming, once your desired glass design is achieved, sand carving will give your piece a three dimensional look.

Mark Cazalet Hand Etched Glass
Mark Cazalet Hand Etched Glass

Above, Mark Cazalet an artist with whom we work closely is hand etching a screen for our Mirfield Abbey project. At Daedalian Glass Studios, we create bespoke and unique sandblasted glass designs for all customers who require our expertise. We work with architects and designers to create beautiful sandblasted glass projects of small and large scale. All are unique to their environment. Our glass designs are bespoke, no one project is the same as any other. Let us work on your project and see our skills and expertise reflect in the glass designs we create.

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