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17 October 2017

Office design tips to boost business performance

The best designed office spaces combine eye-catching yet efficient features that impress visitors and motivate workers. Here’s our top office design tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Trends in interior design and architecture go significantly beyond developing functional, energy efficient buildings. Increasingly we are seeing the creation of spaces that inspire the people who work in them to be more engaged and productive.

A vivid example of how to make a powerful brand statement that reflects the ethos of your company is this stunning reception desk that we created for Joseph’s Well in Leeds.

Reception Desk - Daedalian Glass Studios

The benefits of bringing brand identity to office design

The projection of brand identity is pivotal to commercial cohesion. Handled correctly, it underpins key values such as inclusivity, connectivity and creativity. Nowhere is this more visible than in the design of an office interior.

Strong contemporary designs ensure brand messages and colours are used cleanly and clearly in all workspaces, blending visual flair, commercial efficiency and practical ergonomics.

Branded spaces like this stunning blue glass wall we created for Landflex’s London HQ can catch the eye and reflect an organisation’s dynamism and confidence.

Glass wall - Daedalian Glass Studios

Great workspace design can drive co-working and collaboration

Another essential element of office design is encouraging co-working by using comfortable and appealing break-out areas to enable people to work together on projects. We continue to see the growth of co-working in businesses of all kinds to improve workflow and incentivise staff.

Workspaces that are true to a company’s vision and values have the additional benefit of creating an atmosphere of togetherness that in turn drives staff engagement and productivity. Creating private working spaces or meeting rooms that are light and airy – such as the work we did for Cambridge Associates in London – enables people to work alone or together in an environment that is friendly, inviting, and more conducive to productive activity.

Glass office partitions - Daedalian Glass Studios

Workplace wellbeing means lower staff turnover

Architects and interior designers are increasingly seeing wellbeing is a vital aspect of workplace design. Clearly, a happy and healthy workforce means greater motivation, lower staff turnover and reduced recruitment costs. Design elements like sit-stand desks, areas for both collaboration and privacy, comfortable airflow and the use of natural light will help to boost the productive well-being of any workforce.

Bringing the outdoors indoors is an office design trend that dovetails with the theme of well-being. Office staff spend about eight hours a day at their workplace and the benefits of bringing nature into the workplace are there for all to see. ‘Living walls’ are becoming increasingly popular as they not only promote a pleasing natural ambience but also help with air purity.

Living Wall
Photo by Office Landscapes

If you require bespoke glass design for a commercial building, Daedalian has the experience and knowledge to create something truly unique, whilst delivering the highest standards. To gain an idea of the projects we’ve worked on before, take a look at our portfolio or view our sample library for inspiration on the techniques we can apply.