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29 September 2015

“Joseph’s Well” Offices, Leeds City Centre, West Yorkshire.

Josephs Well is a former six storey cotton mill which was transformed into offices some years ago. The reception area, Victorian cast-iron staircase and elevator recently underwent a complete refurbishment. Our client specifically requested the use of float glass, giving the green tint which complimented the other interior colours. All the glass treads and landings were LED edge lit.


Staircase 1 – Kiln-formed stair treads and landings. The “Coalbrookdale” cast iron staircase had the original timber treads and landings replaced in glass over five floors and were created using 10mm toughened kiln formed float glass, laminated to two layers of 10mm flat toughened float glass. The leading edges of the treads were sandblasted for anti-slip protection.

Reception Desk 1
Reception Desk

The reception desk has the same kiln formed texture, curved and laminated for safety.

Meeting Room Doors
Meeting Room Doors

The Meeting room doors are 10mm kiln formed and toughened float glass, incorporated 20mm diameter solid lead crystal pull handles, 2.0 metres long.

Hand Rail 1
Hand Rail

Stair hand rails which lead up to the first floor are also 20mm diameter solid lead crystal, on purpose made stainless steel fittings

Meeting Room Table - LEDs
Meeting Room Table – LEDs

The meeting room table is made of 10mm toughened kiln formed, laminated to 10mm flat glass creating a textured centre with a smooth perimeter. The perimeter was back painted to hide the steel supports and the fitted LED lighting.