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25 September 2017

Interior design trends for superyachts

Creating a bespoke and functional superyacht interior can be a challenging process, especially with the irregular spaces and shapes that these luxurious vessels often involve. Thinking intelligently about how the yacht will be utilised is often an important element to making decisions on the design of the interior. If the superyacht is for charter the owners personal preference is more than likely to take a backseat – although we have seen the owners private cabin extend to a trend of owners requiring a private deck.

Other trends we have identified in the market include spa and hamman rooms, beach clubs, drive-in tender bays, and floor-to-ceiling glass. Daedalian Glass Studios champion this trend for maximising light and transparency using glass, as well as embracing the yacht’s natural environment; the sea.

Keeping it nautical

The nautical theme is making a comeback for superyacht interiors. The focus is on keeping things simple and sophisticated by introducing subtle elements of the ocean on board. A fantastic way to incorporate this is by using glass, whether that’s incorporating the seashell motif on interior glass panels, or even creating a wave effect balustrade for a staircase. Take a look at something we created for a superyacht previously.


In keeping with the nautical theme, utilise stripes and anchor motifs for curtains, bedding, and rugs. Classic decorations such as rope, oars, and a ship’s wheel create a more natural feel to the interior, especially when utilising materials such as wood or wicker.

Rope collection

Less clutter, more seamlessness

Glass is easier to clean for crew members and staff, as well as being more durable than other materials. Having delicate and refined designs incorporated into glass pieces or features around the yacht means you’re less likely to have to decorate with ornaments and framed artwork, saving on space and clutter.

Using inspiration from the sleek lines and seamlessness of the exterior of the superyacht appears to be on trend this year too, with a focus on creating a unified relationship between the two. If anything, exteriors are becoming more extravagant to match that of the inside, creating and continuing that initial ‘wow’ factor.

Brighter, bigger interiors

Although the name gives it away, superyachts can often struggle to make the most of the space they have. It can be tempting to overload a room with luxury, furniture, and art, losing the impact of a room. Utilising glass and symmetry, alongside reflections can make a space appear much larger and create a stunning initial impact.

Be clever with how you utilise space too. With advances in technology, it’s now possible to really adapt and be flexible with the space you’re working with. Expanding tables are a great way to create a talking point, as well as being functional too. Perfect for entertaining large parties, as well as for the morning after, for breakfast on the deck.

Use light effectively

Spotlights are a great way of promoting the right type of atmosphere for a super yacht. From different colours and styles to dimmer switchers, they’re perfect for creating light in awkward spaces, saving on space, as well as being the epitome of sophistication.

For those who are after a touch more indulgence and luxury, chandeliers are still on trend; a perfect focal feature, as well as a great contrast for the more modern interior.

Create a truly unique feel

Glass design can certainly do this, by creating a strong personality for the superyacht with prominent glass features, whether that’s a piece of bespoke artwork or a focal wall.

Staircases are often a central feature for superyachts, as they can take up precious space and therefore need to appear attractive. Floating staircases are the perfect addition to any superyacht; utilising glass balustrades or partitions to really show them off.

Pinecones, Formby - Daedalian Glass Studios

If you require bespoke glass design for a superyacht, Daedalian has the experience and knowledge to create something truly unique, whilst delivering the highest standards. To gain an idea of the projects we’ve worked on before, take a look at our portfolio or view our sample library for inspiration on the techniques we can apply.