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26 October 2015

Glue Chipped Glass – Super Yacht Project

Glue chipped glass has exciting possibilities for interior and glass designers. The process involves the application of organic glue to the surface of annealed glass, as the glue dries it contracts and fractures the surface giving an organic and random ice-frost finish. It’s completely safe to touch and quite tactile. Stencils may be applied to control the areas being frosted.

The glass may be of any thickness and is annealed only so cannot be toughened, however we can laminate the glue chipped glass to another annealed or toughened panel achieving BS6206 safety glass.

These photographs give a good indication of the effect and level of obscurity; the first two photos show an all over glue chip and a stencilled glue chip with a dark background. The second two photos show the same panels with daylight background.

Glue Chipped Dark Background
Glue chip glass – dark background
Stencilled Glue Chip With Dark Background
Stencilled glue chip glass – dark background

Glue Chipped Glass Daylight Background
Glue chip glass – daylight background
Stencilled Glue Chipped Glass With Daylight Background
Stencilled glue chip glass – daylight background

If you would like to use Glue chipped glass on your project, please contact us.