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1 June 2017

Design focus: Glass reception desks

For most commercial building designs, the reception desk is the first point of contact for new customers when entering the building. As such, the reception desk design is vitally important in ensuring a positive first impression is created. No matter how great the building looks beyond this point, if the desk has seen better days or is poorly designed then this is sure to be off-putting to potential clients.

crystal clear headquarters liverpool
Reception desk at Crystal Clear headquarters in Liverpool.

So what do we feel makes a great reception desk?

Visual Appeal

The desk should not only be visually appealing, its design and style should fit with the image of the brand and reflect the prestige of the company. In essence, the desk should be an extension of the brand and represent the brand in the same way that the logo does on paperwork.

Above is a glass reception desk created by Daedalian Glass Studios for Crystal Clear – a luxury beauty treatment company headquartered in Liverpool. For this company, light and clarity were key features of the design brief so the desk top is created from an oval of clear toughened glass. This base of the desk was created using UV-bonded curved glass that was sandblasted to create a distinctive design. Within this structure, internal lighting was positioned to ensure the desk is a focal point within the reception area.


holiday inn spa
Reception desk in the spa area of the Holiday Inn, Reading.



Reception desk design cannot simply focus on style and beauty as many important tasks are carried out from this location. Key considerations for the functionality of reception desks are how much storage space is needed, are any computer monitors or electrical equipment needing to be integrated, whether guests will need to be able to fill out paperwork on the reverse side, and the number of receptionists needing to be accommodated.

The above reception desk created for the Holiday Inn in Reading was commissioned for placement within the hotel spa. The kiln-formed glass cladding panels were therefore designed to be easy to clean.  As space was required for both the storage of towels, etc. and a computer, this reception desk was also designed to provide ample space hidden within its interior.

cambridge associates british headquarters
Reception desk at Cambridge Associates British Headquarters in London.


This wooden desk with a kiln-formed glass front panel was commissioned for Cambridge Associates. The two ends of this desk provide a platform for clients who are standing up to fill out paperwork at a suitable height whilst the central desk top is the correct height for the seated receptionists.


Does your reception area project the desired image of your company?
Is it functional as a space to efficiently carry out tasks?
Is it time you invested in a new reception desk?


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