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21 May 2018

Five ways glass design can help enhance luxury super homes

Luxury super homes are on the rise. With the growth of the internet, property television programmes and additional press coverage, the public are becoming increasingly aware, and interested, in creatively designed dwellings. No longer are iconic examples such as Fallingwater in Pennsylvania USA, or The Old Zoo in Lancashire, United Kingdom, limited to editions of RIBA Journal. Instead, properties are being renovated and expanded by their affluent owners, turning them into exciting labyrinths that exude excellence, fine taste and decor.

Over the past 20 years there has been a staggering rise in the number of properties undergoing basement excavations in London. Houses in desirable areas such as Fulham, Hammersmith, Kensington and Chelsea, are being developed by owners to include luxury living below ground. Between 2001 and 2013, applications for basement conversions and expansions received by Kensington and Chelsea alone soared from 46 to 450. This has led to the coining of the phrase ‘Iceberg Properties’. These projects have come to represent the ultimate addition to luxury homes in the capital, improving an owner’s lifestyle, the property’s value and furthering architectural design and interior trends. One way to elevate and enhance a luxury home is the introduction of innovative glass design.

man sculpting glass

A haven for relaxation

Whether pre-existing, purpose built or forming the nucleus of a new underground maze, cinema rooms, swimming pools, underground garages and wine cellars all feature heavily in the luxury super home designs. Lighting options are very important and create an opportunity for a focal point. An example of Daedalian Glass Studios working to this kind of brief is this private residence in Highgate, London.

Glass structure example

Luxurious lighting

Whether it be a backlit art installation or a more practical lighting showpiece, one way to enhance a super home is the positioning of elaborate lighting combined with glass. Using it to create spatial illusions, intimate dynamics or pragmatic illumination, a stand out lighting rig with custom designed glassware can elevate the most functional of rooms. The kitchen and dining space in this private residence in Aughton Lancashire highlights this perfectly.

Aughton Lancashire kitchen bar

Make a design statement

An interesting, visionary or avant-garde glass design concept can be the perfect focal point for a room or space. Not only is using glass a sophisticated design choice that complements other building materials, it doesn’t need to be installed purely for practical reasons. Swimming pools and spas can particularly take on great characteristics when enhanced through a glass feature. For example, Daedalian Glass Studios worked on a private residence in Childs Hill, London, and created a custom piece of art created from five glass segments, completed with the addition of a bespoke lighting system enclosed behind.

5m long kiln formed and silvered feature panel in London private residence

Bespoke bathrooms

Glass has been used in bathrooms for generations and is no longer limited to sensual mirror designs or sleek and functional shower partitions. Instead glass can be used to enhance a bathroom from mundane functionality into being an attractive showpiece of harmony and relaxation, whilst maintaining its users modesty through etched, painted or laminated glass. Two of our projects at Formby and Salisbury House in Lancashire highlight the creative use of glass in a bathroom.

shower example

Period features

Wide seamless glass vistas delivered alongside steel girders and polished concrete might be in vogue. However, when executed with sympathy, period glass is a stunning way to diversify an idea or emphasise a building’s heritage. Stained glass windows and traditional lighting designs are both options to consider within a project, especially when carrying out a restoration on an older building. The period glass at Albert Hall Mansion for example doesn’t dominate but sits in the room, bridging the gap between old and new.

Albert Mansions - Kensington kitchen window

If you require bespoke glass design for a luxury super home project, Daedalian has the experience and knowledge to create something truly unique, whilst delivering the highest standards. To gain an idea of the projects we’ve worked on before, take a look at our portfolio or view our sample library for inspiration on the techniques we can apply.