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22 May 2019

Etching glass to create luxury, bespoke designs

At Daedalian Glass Studios we endeavour to provide the highest quality of intricate and decorative designs for our clients. From the first point of contact with our team, whether it’s a project enquiry or just requesting a little more information about our glass designs, we offer a seamless service from start till finish. Etching glass at Daedalian allows us to create detailed designs on the surface of the glass. Here are a few projects we have created for our clients using multiple etching techniques.

Macready House, Marylebone, London

London skyline etched glass installation in room
Macready House Etched London Skyline Panel.

This beautifully detailed London Skyline design was commissioned for the reception area in a block of 82 luxurious apartments in Marylebone. The building itself was a former marital housing unit for The Metropolitan Police. The Met police served throughout the 32 boroughs of London which brought to life the inspiration for this piece of art.

Each fine detail of this project was carefully hand drawn by Daedalian Glass Studios Founder, Davia Walmsley before hand etching the design into glass. The aim of this project was to create a focal point for the reception area and we certainly achieved that, your eyes are automatically drawn to the creative yet detailed work of our team.

York Racecourse VIP Stand, Yorkshire

York Racecourse VIP Stand

Daedalian Glass Studios were asked to create a removable glass partition screen for the VIP stand of the third largest racecourse in England. The glass screen was designed so that it could be folded up and stored away if there was ever a need to maximise the space.

This beautiful and practical piece of art was captured by one of our staff and photographed so that the life size movements came to life. Each photograph taken capture the realistic movements of the horses. This was then converted onto multiple layers that were then etched into the glass with differing depths to create the 3D effect.

The Savoy Hotel, The Strand, London

The Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel.
The Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel.

Working alongside interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, we were given the task of creating a Lalique-esque decorative panel for the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy Hotel.

Due to the complexity of the technique using deep carve etching, the finished piece took months to complete. Once the finished piece was in place, you could really admire its beauty. We used a glass with a high iron content, so the distinctive green colour that passed through the glass was the lighting the Beaufort bar had imagined throughout the whole design process.

Private Residence, Formby, Merseyside

Formby private residence staircase and landing
Etched free standing balustrades with a tree design in the negative space between panels

Daedalian Glass Studios were commissioned to create a number of features inside this luxury private residence. We were asked to design a stair case with a surrounding interior glass balcony, along with a laminated door, shower screen and several windows for the en-suite. The design of the balcony leading into the staircase features shaped glass with etched detail around the edging.

When designing this panel, Daedalian Glass Studios Founder, Davia Walmsley made ingenious use of the negative spaces between the panels to create the image of trees. Once you step back to allow the open space and natural lighting consume the glass, you can see the beauty behind this design. The etching creates the image of a tree, lost in space between the glass. For the en-suite we laminated high quality fabric to give privacy yet still allowing light transmittance.

Private Residence, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London

Etched glass partition screen at a private residence in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London
Etched glass partition screen at a private residence in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London

Here we were asked to flood the central staircase with natural light by installing glass partitions on the third floor. These decorative glass screens were also required to feature an privacy etched band across the lower areas to allow for an element of privacy for those inside. Each of the panels are created so that they continuously flow and line up around the screen, to form one coherent design.

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