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2 December 2015

“Auric” Fused Glass

There are so many forms of glass art, and fused glass or glass fusing is one of them. This process is simply the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln. Fused glass is a technique of warm or kiln formed glass which enables you to manipulate pieces of glass to bend and form them into shapes.

From a creative perspective, this really enhances any glass design or project. As this particular technique can be adapted to any project, it allows us to access a rewarding glass art form and implement it in our projects at Daedalian Glass Studios.

Unlike stained glass, fused glass has no “lead lines” as in our example of “Auric” fused glass. This multi-dimensional glass design can be created without having to cut or assemble hundreds of smaller pieces. Many of our glass fusing methods involve stacking or layering thin sheets of glass using different colours and patterns. By doing this we are able to create different patterns for our customers, which are unique to that project. The glass is then placed in a kiln where it is heated through a series of rapid heating cycles and soaks. Soaking is where the temperature is held at a specific point until each of the glass pieces begin to bond together. When the glass reaches its maximum temperature and removed from the kiln, it begins to cool, we then soften and form any pattern to create the desired image or effect.

Here is a project where we have used “Auric” fused glass. The image above is an example of fused glass made within our studio, an A5 size and made from fusing compatible glass; gold iridised with a light texture and dichroic glass highlights, the bubbles being randomly spaced. The total thickness is a nominal 12mm and the back face is hand silvered.

Iridised glass is one of the most exciting materials which has been made available to us to create glass designs and art. Iridised glass is created with a thin, metallic coating on one of surface of the glass. Dichroic glass is a modern complex of non-translucent glass that is produced by layering glass and micro layers of metallic oxides which give the glass, shifting colours dependant on the angle of the object.

Auric Fused Glass
Auric Fused Glass

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