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10 October 2017

2018 colour trends to set the scene

Interior colour has the power to conjure a mood, evoke a sense of sophistication, tranquillity, warmth or even playfulness. It’s no overstatement to say that the effective use of colour can be your most influential and creative design element.

While the colour theme for 2017 was dominated by darker neutrals – such as Taupe and Mushroom – industry insiders are predicting even edgier and bolder colours to set the tone in 2018.

Spotting 2018 colour trends

We’ve already seen several interior brands unveil their colour palette predictions for next year. The Daedalian team attended the London Design Festival ( last month, where three 2018 colour trends really stood out:

Paint it Black

Perhaps the most surprising prediction for the 2018 interior palette comes from PPG Paints. For the first time in its history, the brand chose an indigo black as its colour of the year for 2018. Meanwhile, other dark and bold colours are expected to see a resurgence. The PPG colour, named Black Flame, is certainly impressive and in the right context can impart a positive and elegant internal ambience.

Black Flame - PPG Paints
Photo by PPG Paints

If you’re afraid of the dark, though, you might consider using small ‘pops’ of dark colours against contrasting hues – pink perhaps, which leads us to our next selection.

Think Pink

Pink was the standout colour from the London Design Fair and is central to the main colour palettes we’ve seen so far for next year. From subtle pastel shades to hot pink, expect to see this a lot.

Dulux announced pink as its ‘hero paint colour’ and believes it will be widely seen in stylish homes around the world. Dulux’s colour of 2018, Heart Wood, is a sensuous warm pink selected by specialists at the firm’s Global Aesthetic Centre.

Cool Blue

Blues and turquoises were the other standout colour from London and Sherwin Williams’ colour of the year for 2018 is Oceanside, a sumptuous dark turquoise that blends rich blue and jewel-tone green.  Sherwin Williams believes Oceanside can make a room feel both cosy and exotic and we certainly wouldn’t disagree.

Oceanside - Sherwin Williams
Photo by Sherwin Williams

Using colour in glass to create stunning installations

Daedalian Glass can incorporate a spectrum of colours – including on-trend blacks, pinks and blues – into our glass designs, to create unique installations for homes, superyachts, hotels and commercial buildings. To get an idea of the projects we’ve worked on before, take a look at our portfolio or view our sample library for some inspiration.