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  • Bullseye Glass Co.

    Bullseye Glass Co. manufacture coloured glass across the world, specifically for art and architecture, focusing on contemporary kiln-glass. They are based in Portland, Oregon and have been active since 1974.

  • Gaffer Glass

    With combined experience of over 40 years, the directors of Gaffer Glass know everything there is to know about coloured glass and glass blowing. Their ethos is to provide distributors and suppliers with the best standards in the quality control of coloured glass.

  • Guardian Glass

    Guardian Glass is one of the largest manufacturers of float glass and fabricated glass products in the world. They focus on manufacturing and supplying the transportation industry, as well as the building materials distribution business.

  • Pilkington

    Pilkington is a worldwide glass manufacturing company, owned by the NSG Group. They provide glass for buildings and vehicles throughout the world and are headquartered in St Helens, in the United Kingdom.

  • Saint-Gobain

    Noted as the world leader in construction markets and designs, as well as manufacturers and distributors of building materials, Saint-Gobain is a prominent figure within the glass industry, creating innovative products and solutions.

  • Trend Marine

    Trend Marine is known as the leading manufacturer of marine glass and glazing products, specifically for yachts and superyachts. Its reputation precedes it, with international acclaim for design, manufacture, and installation.

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